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Common Dental Problems treatment in Pune

Tooth decay: dental caries

Tooth decay is one of the major dental problems occurring at all age groups, majorly due to negligence on the maintenance front. Bacteria in the mouth feed on the residual foodstuffs and generate acid, which in turn eats up the tooth substance, eventually presenting as a brown/black cavity, along with sensitivity or pain. Tooth decay is common dental problem to all age groups om dental clinic is one of the best service provider of common dental problems treatment in pune, Bibvewadi, Salisbury Park at budget price with personal care.

Loose or shaky teeth

This is a manifestation of disease of the gums and the surrounding tissues.

Common dental problems treatment in pune

Missing teeth

Loss of teeth due to decay or gum diseases or trauma poses a functional problem causing ineffectiveness in chewing food and compromised general health.

Yellowish or unclean stained teeth

These are a result of improper oral hygiene maintenance and bad habits like tobacco, pan chewing, and smoking. Over a period of time clay like substance called calculus gets deposited on the surfaces that cannot be removed by brushing.

Other Best Dental Treatments in Pune

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